#SPSP2012 has come and gone, and thanks to a small army of Twitterers I feel (except for the warm weather) like I was there.

It was clearly a great conference, with a ton of enthusiasm, particularly among the younger social psychologists.

So what did I learn? I’d say this:

We’re trying to get out of the lab – to really make a difference! We all know this matters and our award winners do too. Can we get our journals and institutions to support it?

Emotions are still big. We love to study love, emotions, self-control, and relationships.

Continued enthusiasm about political psychology, particularly moral differences between conservatives and liberals. We overestimate these differences, but they play out in many ways as we think they do.

It’s good to be good. Just as we like other people who are nice, we prefer ourselves to be so as well.

(Above two factors leave a puzzle – why are conservatives, although less nice, still happier?)

We’re worried about the false positives that we continue to report in our journals every day, but what we’ll end up doing to make a difference is yet unclear?



As always a lot of one-offs, findings that puzzle and astound, but may not really make it into the canon:

People will eat less if cookies are cut evenly rather than into random chunks

SPSP2012 – My thoughts
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