So I’ve been taking this course on Data Analytics and Learning from EdX. It’s taught by a team of researchers from UT Arlington. The course got off to a rocky start for me because they were trying to do too much and because I wasn’t really very keen on their approach. They have a visual syllabus:


which threw me a bit until I realized what it was. It’s pretty, but I’d prefer to be able to view it in text format.

Here’s an image of the course structure:

Honestly, I think it’s probably a good try, but really too confusing.


Somewhere in there you’ll see this thing called “Prosolo.” I tried to check that out, but it turns out you can finish the course without it so I stopped. One problem is that the instructions for it are all in video format. I try not to do video, but there is no accompanying transcription. This annoys me and is also not consistent with accessibility standards. There also seems to be some concern from students about the privacy of data published to ProSolo.

The intro to the course presents a “red pill” and a “blue pill” path choice (we begin with drugs!). One is more individual, one is more social. I think I can do either, but they want me to be social. I’ll try to be. The instructors believe that participation in social networks improves learning. The may convince me – more on that later.

A big thing is the #DALMOOC Twitter hashtag. I suppose I should Tweet – maybe I will.

Will there be group assignments? Not clear yet.

I’m looking forward to the course.



Edx course on learning analytics