I am now revising the current edition of Principles of Social Psychology, published by Flat World Knowledge. I am now preparing the second edition of the text.

Here is some background information about books published by Flat World:

  • The company promotes fair pricing of textbooks. Introduction to Psychology, like all other Flat World books, is priced at $24.99 for the digital edition.
  • Flat World textbooks, including Principles of Social Psychology, can be ordered in a variety of formats, including eBook for computer, tablet, and smart phone, print (Black and White or Color), Kindle format, and audio format (mp3).
  • The digital version of the book can be customized by the instructor. Want to delete a chapter, change the order of chapters, add a link, a youtube or a new key term? It’s easy using the user-friendly Flat World Editor.
  • Books can be updated by the author or the instructor on a regular basis (for instance, semester by semester) with no extra cost to students.
  • Digital versions of the textbook contain immediate access to a variety of media, including Youtube videos and links to informative websites, as well as pedagogical features – quizzes, flashcards, and chapter reviews.
Principles of Social Psychology 2nd Edition